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[10 Jan 2005|10:03pm]

sup im aaron and im new in the community
add me and ill add u back
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[24 Apr 2004|12:23am]

I have made a Dallas Cowboys community for all who are interested!

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[03 Feb 2004|02:56pm]

go patriots!!! they bloody well won!
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Editor's Column [06 Sep 2003|11:41pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I'm the Giants "editor" for this livejournal community, so I said, "What the heck" and decided to go ahead with this week's Keys of the Game©.

The Giants are coming off a pretty successful preseason, considering the record. Why? There were few severe injuries; the only real problems with injuries have been on special teams. Shockey and Strahan will be back for the opener. So here are the keys:

1. Utilize receivers: I can't predict how the Rams will play this, but my best guess is that Adam Archuleta will be the predominant cover-guy on Shockey. Archuleta is one of the few guys in the league who, I think, can at least contain Shockey in man coverage. However, the Rams corners aren't nearly as strong. Both Toomer and Hilliard need to take advantage of their potential mismatches.

2. Pressure Warner: It's a lot easier said than done, but Martz is probably going to try to reestablish Warner early on. If the Giants can get a serious rush on Warner, his timing won't be as sharp. He is still coming off of a basically lost season; they need to take advantage of this.

3. Ball control: This one's the obvious one. If they ain't on the field, they can't score. This also goes with messing up the timing.

Facing a difficult early schedule, a win at home against the Rams would be quite valuable. Parcells' return to the Meadowlands as the Cowboys coach + Monday Night = not good for the Giants.

Summary after the game........

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xposting cause i am pissed [22 Aug 2003|09:12pm]

please sign this...

the nfl has gotten greedy and taken away our free internet streaming!
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Editor's Column: Vikings break camp [15 Aug 2003|10:23am]

The Minnesota Vikings wrapped up their 39th consecutive training camp in Mankato, MN today. After 31 practices including four combined work-outs with the Kansas City Chiefs, three scrimmages and one preseason game the Vikings will move operations back to Winter Park.

Here is a positional run down following camp. Check out who is leading at certain positions and which ones will go down to the last cuts...


Quarterbacks: Starter Daunte Culpepper had an excellent training camp. His composure in the pocket is back and he’s running the ball well when the defense gives him an opportunity. Gus Frerotte remains a solid back-up and was a nice pick-up for the Vikings. Frerotte has been impressive delivering the ball on target and his relationship with Culpepper will be a valuable asset on game-day. The third string spot is between Shaun Hill and Justin Wood. Hill is coming off a successful summer playing in NFL Europe and is leading the race.

Running backs: At this point Doug Chapman appears to be the starter, but don’t be surprised if you see a number of ball carriers on opening day. Moe Williams will assume his role from last year. Rookie Onterrio Smith is opening eyes and could compete for the starting job later in the season. John Avery looks to be a nice situational back and Larry Ned has finished camp strong.

Wide receivers: Randy Moss has been typical Moss catching everything thrown his way with either hand. Moss and Culpepper appear to be more in sync this year as well connecting on a handful of deep passes throughout camp. D’Wayne Bates will be the number two receiver. Bates had a nice year last season and looks more comfortable in the offense after having a year under his belt. Kelly Campbell is a nice deep threat at the number three spot, but third-round draft pick Nate Burleson is nipping at his heals in the number four spot. The number five spot is up in the air. Keenan Howry could be a nice fit. Howry’s got great hands and shows skill in the return game. Kenny Clark has performed well in the scrimmages and the preseason game, but rookie free agent Ben Nelson has done nothing to hurt his chances.

Center: All-Pro Matt Birk is back and looking to lead the huge offensive line. Back-up Cory Withrow is in purple for a fourth year.

Offensive Tackles: Bryant McKinnie will lock down the left end and New Viking Mike Rosenthal will set up on the right side. McKinnie looks great and shows daily why he was drafted so high out of college. Rosenthal is settling in on the right side and seems to be gelling well with the rest of the linemen. Two local guys look to grab a back up spot. Adam Haayer from Forest Lake, MN and Adam Goldberg from Edina, MN both have played well in camp.

Offensive guards: Dave Dixon is back on the right side and Chris Liwienski made the move from right tackle to left guard in the off-season. The Viking should be solid at guard and have back-up Everett Lindsay to call on for added depth at the position.

Tight end: Jim Kleinsasser and Hunter Goodwin appear to have the first two spots locked up. Kleinsasser has been sidelined with a foot injury giving more plays to the younger guys looking to make a move up the depth chart. Byron Chamberlain has to serve a four-game suspension to start the season leaving the number three spot wide-open. Jeff Kostrewa, Sean Berton, Matt Huebner and Ben Steele are all battling it out. Berton seems to have the upper hand at this point, but we have three preseason games left and these four players are four to watch.


Defensive ends: Kenny Mixon and first round pick Kevin Williams will start at end. Mixon is a solid player and Williams is getting more comfortable on the outside. Lance Johnstone will be a good third down rush end, he recorded two sacks vs. Jacksonville in the preseason opener. Chuck Wiley and Lorenzo Bromell are fighting to make the roster. Bromell has been slowed by a knee injury. Wiley had a nice camp and looks to be the front runner.

Defensive tackles: Chris Hovan and Fred Robbins will team up again inside. Robbins had a great camp and we know Hovan will make plays. The two will feed off each other nicely this season. Billy Lyon is a nice veteran that adds depth and rookie free agent Colin Cole could get a roster spot.

Cornerbacks: This is the one position that has taken the biggest hit during training camp and hamstrings have been the culprit. Denard Walker has recovered from his injury and is a nice cover corner, something the Vikings desperately needed. Ken Irvin was having a nice camp, but suffered a dislocated toe vs. the Jaguars. Brian Williams had a nice year in 2002 and will step up at corner if Irvin can’t go. Rushen Jones has been a nice surprise. Jones has made a number of plays in the scrimmages and will be someone to watch the remainder of preseason. Another rookie to watch is Horace Willis. Willis turned some heads last Tuesday at the passing scrimmage. He came up with a nice interception and his coverage was solid throughout the night. Eric Kelly is rehabbing a hamstring injury.

Linebackers: The Vikings are loaded with talent at linebacker. Although most of the talent is young, this unit will be solid. Cornerstone Greg Biekert is back in the middle. Chris Claiborne and Henri Crocket will set up along side Biekert to start. E.J. Henderson will help out in the Nickel package and could be a star on special teams. Nick Rogers had a nice season last year and could be used as a blitz backer, he was very successful as a rush end in college. Mike Nattiel will be a solid special team’s player to start and could make some plays as a situational backer. Nattiel runs well and is a sure tackler. Raonall Smith has been slowed by injury, but he’s a nice player when healthy.

Safeties: Corey Chavous will start at one safety and the other spot is open. Chavous is a nice veteran player who assumes a valuable leadership role on the defensive unit. Willie Offord looks to be leading the race for the other spot, but Brian Russell is not far behind. Offord has played well this camp. He has done a nice job with run support and his coverage has improved. Russell continues to come up and lay big hits. This open spot at safety will play itself out in the last three preseason games. Jack Brewer played well for the Vikings in 2002, with a couple strong preseason games, he could get himself back in the mix.

Special Teams

Kickers: This might be the most important battle of the preseason. Aaron Elling, Hayden Epstein and Todd France are all competing for the job. No one has really emerged as the favorite. Epstein could be the leader due to his experience kicking in the league. All three guys have strong legs. It will come down to consistency throughout the rest of preseason. Watch this race it will be a good one.

Punters: Sixth-round pick Eddie Johnson has a good leg, but first-year pro Nick Murphy has not backed off. Johnson has a stronger leg which might get him the roster spot but Murphy has kicked well this camp and will be given a strong look. Both guys can punt at his level.

Return specialist: Avery is leading for the kick-off return job. He is a fiery runner and hits the holes hard. Avery definitely has the potential to go all the way when he gets his hands on the ball. Onterrio Smith can also help in the kick-off return game. Campbell could be returning punts this season, but don’t count out Howry who excelled as a punt returner in college.
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Quick note [07 Aug 2003|03:20pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Jeff Garcia to miss preseason opener

49ers quarterback and Pro Bowler Jeff Garcia has had back problems this summer. He injured it during a workout with a trainer a week before the team’s training camp began.

The team has been working with him despite his back spasms and tightness, but he’s been benched in favor of backup quarterback Tim Rattay. The move looks to be mostly precautionary, as Garcia has played well through the injury.

Rattay and the Niners will play the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City on Saturday.

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New member.. [31 Jul 2003|04:55pm]
[ mood | good ]

If possible, i'd like to become an editor for the Indianapolis Colts. Thanks!

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Training at Lehigh: Report of the Philadelphia Eagles [25 Jul 2003|11:14pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Editor's report

The Eagles and their fans want to rework the magic of last season, and hope for it to have a much better ending this time.

Last year's camp started off with a feeling of security, almost bordering on cockiness. Both us, the fans, and the team itself knew it would be destined for greatness. As it happened, the season turned out much different than expected, with the ending being the biggest surprise. Deflated doesn't even begin to describe the feeling that enveloped the team, the city, and all of it's fans.

Fast foward 7 months, to July. It's time to report to the Big Redhead at Lehigh University's grounds, in hopes of beginning a new season of magic.

Hope. That's the key word here.

The off-season was tumultuous, to say the least. Many people at the heart departed the team, including some of the greatest ever at their humble positions, kick/punt returner Brian Mitchell and punter Sean Landeta. Sure, they were old, but the signs of aging just weren't apparant enough.

Of course, the most significant departure was the heart of the heart of the team, Hugh Douglas, leaving. It's a compelling argument as to whether or not his departure is actually that detrimental to the defensive line, but i'm not focusing on that, here. The fact is, he was the emotional catalyst of that team, and ever since injury and personal problems ceased for him in 2000, has been one of the biggest influences in their turn for the better. Emotion runs a football team, moreso than talent. You have to speculate how the team will be effected emotionally by his absence. Can Donovan take over as the emotional leader? Will it be a defensive player, being how defensive-oriented/powered they are? Will their passion run as high and far as Hugh's?

Questions, questions.

No significant members were added through free agency, although we had an incredible draft. Jerome McDougle, the biggest pull, has a last name similar to Douglas, so until we see how he thrives at the big leagues, at least we have that much. Other than that, it's a bunch of unknown denominations, considering nobody can gauge college athletes and unknown free agents. We can only hope that the scouts are doing their job well.

Just as we can only hope for the emotion to still be there. And we can only hope that there are no major voids to be filled. And we can only hope that Donovan finally is fulfilling 75% or more of his potential. And we can only hope our secondary continues to be the best in the league. And we can only hope that the Duceman is back for good. And we can only hope that we continue to have the most powerful special teams unit in the NFL. And we can only hope that the new digs suit the team well. And we can only hope that the magic took a temporary hiatus for that hideous game in January, and will return for the rest of this season.

We're in for a long season of hoping.

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Fantasy [24 Jul 2003|02:20pm]

OK..Evan and i REALLY need people for our Yahoo!Fantasy League. Please, if you have any interest in football at all, JOIN. thanks.

P.S. Post, and i will reply to you with the league ID and Pass.
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editor's column [13 Jul 2003|09:21pm]

The Bengals might be taking a serious look at Ray Jackson, a former University of CIncinnati tailback, as their second-string guy behind Corey Dillon. If that doesn't scare you, I'm not sure what will. A no-name local kid who couldn't succeed at Michigan and doesn't even bring back memories of UC might be the second best they have to offer. Considering that Corey Dillon has been so durable his entire career, that streak seems likely to end, which would leave a kid like Jackson high on the depth chart, right up with Brandon Bennett, who hasn't really proven to be particularly superb as a change of pace to Dillon.

Khalid Abdullah, the linebacker prospect out of Mars Hill (N.C.) signed this week, leaving five draftees unsigned for next year -- Kelley Washington, Eric Steinbach, Dennis Weathersby, Jeremi Johnson, and Elton Patterson.

That's all for this week. Training camp starts the 27th, and NCAA Football 2004 for the PS2/Xbox/GameCube comes out Thursday, so I may not be seen for a long while.
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[13 Jul 2003|10:01am]

[ mood | tired ]

Some changes in the 49ers training camp this year--sf49ers.comCollapse )

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[13 Jul 2003|11:42am]

Packers likely to set pace on rookie signings - PackersNews.comCollapse )
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[12 Jul 2003|11:21pm]

LB Torrance Marshall suspended 4 games for a repeat violation of the NFL's substance abuse policy.
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Fantasy [10 Jul 2003|11:29am]

I started a Yahoo! fantasy football league. There are 8 more teams available. Yahoo! was the first free one to offer fantasy, so i figured why not. I will DEFINITELY be starting an league(i was very happy with theirs last year) but i am not sure when they start. If you want in..just let me know by replying. Thanks.

P.S. you need a Yahoo! ID
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Very Brief Seahawks post [03 Jul 2003|01:10am]

I was mostly waiting till A) We had more representatives here and B) the Season actually started before I posted anything here, but I'm going to say just a few things about how I feel about Seattle this year.

A lot of people are expecting big things from the Seahawks' offense this year, what with the way Matt Hasselbeck ended the season last year, another year of development for the hot young WR studs Darrell Jackson and Koren Robinson, and, of course, Shaun Alexander. I, however, am far far from the bandwagon on this matter. I am not at all sold on Hasselsuck, as I've seen a lot more bad from him than I have seen good. Maybe it's my Dilfer bias, but I don't expect Hasselbeck to be the new "I Was Favre's Backup, Now I'm Amazing" story. Jerramy Stevens may go down as one of our largest busts in first round draft history (And that says something for a team that drafted Mark McGwire's Brother at QB first one year), but MAYBE he'll get his life turned around. And, of course, Walter Jones will invariably hold out till week 3 or so, leaving our O-Line as pathetic as ever.

As for our defense, there's been a lot of talk about our defensive acquistions (Godfrey, Robinson, Norman Hand, et al). This is nothing new. The Seahawks are always out overspending on defense. The theory that A Bunch Of Stars is better than A Bunch Of Well-Coached Players has long run rampant in Seattle (though it DID net us the highest scoring defense ever one year, even that year our D was paper-hard). Maybe Ray Rhodes (whom I've always respected) can turn that around.

Coming up next post: Schedule analysis. What can I project our final record be?
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[03 Jul 2003|12:01am]

ESPN Insider: "Whispers from around the NFL"

The Packers will carry five quarterbacks when training camp opens this month, and there is a good chance four will make the roster. Eric Crouch is the most likely fourth quarterback. His roster spot is contingent on his ability to return kicks and punts. One team source speculated the odd man out could be veteran Doug Pederson, leaving NFL Europe sensation and second-year vet Craig Nall as the No. 2 and Akili Smith No. 3.
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[30 Jun 2003|02:00pm]


Brett Favre article via ESPN InsiderCollapse )
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Buccaneers Off-Season Moves [30 Jun 2003|01:05pm]

Player signed Player lost
LB Shelton Quarles (re-signed) C Todd Washington (Texans)
OG Jason Whittle (Giants) C Jeff Christy (released)
QB Jim Miller (Bears) FS Dexter Jackson (Cardinals)
OT Roman Oben (re-signed) LB Alshermond Singleton (Cowboys)
QB Shaun King (re-signed) WR Antoine Toliver (released)
LB Dwayne Rudd (Browns) QB Rob Johnson (Redskins)
LB Clayton White (Giants) QB Shane Matthews (released)
RB Aaron Stecker (re-signed) LS Mike Solwold (Ravens)
WR Jacquez Green (Lions)
LB Nate Webster (re-signed)
TE Rickey Dudley (re-signed)
LB Jack Golden (re-signed)
CB Corey Ivy (re-signed)
WR Charles Lee (re-signed)
RB Terry Kirby (Raiders)
P Tom Tupa (re-signed)
WR Reggie Barlow (re-signed)

Acquired via trade Players traded

RB Thomas Jones WR Marquise Walker (Cardinals)
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[29 Jun 2003|11:47pm]

I'd be interested in taking over as editor for the Green Bay Packers, if available.
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